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Young, Dumb, Armed with Gun

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Young, Dumb, Armed with Gun

It's often been argued that unruly youth can be tamed by fostering within them a love of knowledge. Time spent in the public library quenching a healthy thirst for learning is time not spent running amok in the streets and choosing a path of delinquency and crime. It's a shame, therefore, that one young urchin in Charleston, North Carolina, was unaware that his needs for smut could be met via the computers in his local library. Earlier this week, the thirteen-year-old boy pulled a gun on a convenience-store manager and, instead of cash, demanded an adult magazine. At first, the clerk refused, but when confronted with a .25-caliber silver pistol, she remembers screaming: "Just take yourself and it and get out of my store!" The boy fled without the magazine, and the clerk called police. Should the smut-obsessed youngster continue his stroll down Crime Boulevard, he should note that smut is even harder to access in the big house, as TWIS reported earlier this month.

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