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Help me with breaks...

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I've been getting into breaks for a while, and would really like to DL some tracks...but have no clue where to start....

Can anyone give me some pointers? Brickhouse, Phunk, Tilly, JoeG, anyone?

I've been using SoulSeek and Blubster to satisfy my addiction....

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Depends what you want...I'll just rattle off some artists to look for, and you can decide what you like and what you don't. From there, I can recommend more...(examples of labels to look for in parenthesis)....I'll also list tracks if they jump out at me, but I'm too tired to get too in depth...

UK Funky (Finger Lickin, Kingsize):

Plump Djs - Big Groovy Fucker

Krafty Kuts - Girls of the Night remix

Chicken Lips

FL Funky (Funkwax, Hoodwink, Union):


Huda Hudia

Tony Faline - Mind over Matter



Nu Skool (Botchit + Scarper, Freakaboom):

Freq Nasty - Under Glass

EK - Future Ain't Ready, Watch Dis

Aquasky vs. Masterblaster


Objects - Lobster Boy


Rennie Pilgrem

Sons of Mecha - Rocweiler


Leftfield (Fuel):

Buckfunk 3000


Procreation - Try to Live

Proggy Nu Skool (Marine Parade, Mob, Disuye, Acetate):

Koma & Bones

General Midi - Westerner

Chris Carter


ILS - Requiem

Beber + Tamara

Breakstep (Bingo, Rat):

Blowfelt - Lickle Rolla

Syphon (gets my vote for producer of the year so far....his remix of Find a Way is killer)

DJ Quest

DJ Zinc / Jammin - Hello


Progressive (Like I would know...):

Hybrid - Finished Symphony

Adam Freeland (Some say he's the king of nu skool, but it's really more prog than anything)

JDS (seems to switch between prog breaks and UK Hard house)

Hi-Fi Bugs

Jasp 182

Trance breaks:

Spacemen - Arrival

Breakbeat Brothers

House breaks (Kingsize):

Meat Katie

Disco Assassins

Lee Coombs - Future Sound of Retro

If you want me to throw on more later, I'll do so, but it's really late and I gotta work tomorrow...

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