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ROBOT SEX!!mmmmmmmbeepmmmboop

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The robot fetish is alive and well because some of us are having wild sex with humanoids, wind-up toys, human mannequins, mechanical dolls and other things resembling human genitals.

Digital sex is the way to the future! Plug your genitals with ultra sensitive sensors, open yourself to the possibility of the Internet and voila! You can enjoy sex with somebody in Tokyo while at home in Montreal. Digital sex is pretty far-out…. But now close your eyes. Imagine yourself caressing a beautiful humanoid body. The cold metal body presses next to your body and responds to your every command with the push of a button. Imagine licking your lips with lust when the robot from Metropolis [Fritz Lang movie] comes out on the screen or mentally undressing those Manga robots or better having wet dreams with the robot maid from the Jetsons!

If you have had this thoughts or any wet dreams of sex with a robot… well you are not alone. The robot fetish is alive and well as some of us are having wild sex with humanoids, wind-up toys, human mannequins, mechanical dolls or any mechanical being close to a human. I had the chance for an e-mail interview with David, a sexual robot fetishist, to understand the thrill of metal.

Sex with robots! I heard about dolls, but tell me why robots?

David: I don’t know! I love the perfect curve that won’t ever go away with age. The perfect doll face always smiling at you and controlling her movement…. It's just a dazzling feeling. It’s a fascinating idea to have an extremely passive, very submissive lover that can be controled with a switch or a command.

Do you have sex with people?

I do, but it's very rare. I rather have a robot.

Do the works of Sorayama pinups arouse you?

Oh, god yes! His images are so perfect and the union between human and machine is so sexy. There's something about a Sorayama robot sexually that it becomes an erotica dreamland of desire and lust. You just want to kiss them and fool around with them.

Like any fetish group, do you guys have different type of robot fetishisms?

Sure. We have those who lust about robots but won’t have sex with them. There are those who have sex with robots or humanoids; and there are those who are cruel and have extreme dominant/submissive sexual play, where the robot can be dismantled in a rape scene… but those are very rare.

Why rare?

Because having sex with a robot is like having sex with a human. It has to be a passion consumed by two people with respect. There's a preparation of flirting and love making at the same stage as humans. Of course she or he is made out of plastic or metal but there is respect.

Is there sex with a windup doll?

There are those who prefer windup dolls. Personally I don’t, because there is this time lapse that I don’t like. I prefer robots that you can plug in and with artificial intelligence that comes with emotional and sexual response circuits responding to your needs.

Can you tell me about the preparation?

You need a lot of imagination and deep desire for the robot or humanoid…. It needs to feel pampered and loved. You need to change her clothes, picking from a preset wardrobe, like a doll. Change her hair style, do her manicure. Candle dinners and spending time with the robot.

Do you have different robots to be used for different purposes?

Yes I do. I have three robots: Lucy is a blonde robot who I share my sentimental life with. She’s made out of silicon and has a beautiful doll face. Elvira is a black robot with a minimum artificial intelligence and sensors so she can moan, say "I love you" and tell my name while we are intimate. Brandy, she's more sophisticated, she can move her lips to kiss me. She's exactly like Elvira but when you plug her in, she heats up. Everyone has her own personality.

What is alt.sex.fetish.robots?

The alt.sex.fetish.robots (ASFR) newsgroup is dedicated to the discussion of the concept of sex with or sexual attraction to robots and robot-like beings. This can range from metallic, non-humanoid machines to humanoid androids. Discussions can deal with specific fantasies, fiction relating to the topic and connected ideas like people behaving like/turned into human mannequins, dolls, toys, and other hypnosis and mesmerism fantasies that involve the mechanical/monotone response that appeals to the members.

Isn't all this about the "woman as sex object" thing that women's groups complain about?

If anything, techno-sexualism is the exact opposite of the objectification of women -- it's the feminization of objects. Why force a woman to do something she doesn't want to (something I find reprehensible) when you can create something that not only WANTS to do it, but LOVES to, because it's what she was built for. Radical feminists are always trying to get along without men, why can't we try the opposite? Many have said it's the ultimate male fantasy. Guilt-free, repercussion free. A robot girl is there for you, she'll never say no, she'll never get tired, and she's always pretty. But I think there's just something lovely about a pretty girl. And the robot girl is the (il)logical end result - a girl who has no purpose other than to be pretty. To please her man (or woman, there are female members) is all she's programmed for.

Any good movies about sex with robots?

Android - Klaus Kinski as a mad scientist on a space station who builds two androids for company, one of them a sexy blonde.

Beach Fever - Teens develop love potion, which is then stolen by gangsters who use it to turn women into prostitutes. Some of the entranced women act quite stiff and robotic. .

Blade Runner - Kind of goes without saying, doesn't it? Little action at all, really, save for a scene where Darryl Hannah plays mannequin to trap Harrison Ford.

Cherry 2000 - Near-future SF film about a pleasure droid who malfunctions and the search for a replacement in the typical Dystopian wasteland. A few nice moves, near the beginning and right at the end.

Cybersex - Man hacks into what looks like a singles bulletin board, but is actually a control system for a female military robot. It breaks free to meet her new lover. Nice costumes and sets, a good start up or two, but not much else.

Frankenhooker - Guy's girl dies in a lawnmower accident, and he rebuilds her using parts of hookers. Hilarious film by Frank Hennenlotter (Basket Case)

Living Doll -Porn film about a toy store full of randy dolls, including an "Electronic" woman doll, a teddy bear

Mannequin/Mannequin 2 - One woman in each film are mannequins that come to life when alone with their love.

Metropolis - The classic silent film by Fritz Lang. The Maria automaton is a classic design, and her human form is also quite sensual

Night of the Living Debbies - Nina Hartley stars in this film about a (all together now) mad scientist who builds robot sex dolls, including a robotic blowjob.

RoboSex - Aliens kidnap people, turn them into sex robots in an attempt to take over the world.

Robotrix - Hong Kong action flick about an android made in the image of a dead lady cop. Some nudity, some non-consensual sex (not by the robot though.)

Space Virgins - Porn film parody of Invaders from Mars. People are taken over by aliens and have some very impressive robotic sex.

Bionic Woman/Six Million Dollar Man - Aside from title characters, Fembots seen in assorted episodes.

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