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You guys are my inspiration

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from his website:

The Miami Trance Cowboy

In Acosta's hands, trance has grown, learned from the best, and moved forward to find its next level. Maybe it isn't in the same hands-in-the-air anthems or hard, dark floor burners anymore. But it's that same feeling that Acosta gives his crowd every time he plays, even if George takes a little different route to get to that feeling. But he gets there, alright, and his

crowds love him for it.

Acosta, the one, the only, the trance cowboy.......

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:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Welcome to the club Vic. Now that you've crossed over, you can't go back.

George Acosta really is the perfect choice too. His trance anthems always get me moving! He's one of the few "World Class Caliber" DJs out there.

Kudos and Cheers! :pint:

(The trance cowboy quote is too much! :laugh: )

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you guys make me feel special *sniff*sniff*


yeah, i recall the first time i saw acosta, i was actually very excited top go see him because alot of people were telling me he was the greatest (i now that i was hanging out with the wrong type of people) and so i went, and so after a few anthems, a few trainwrecks, a few fairy trance tracks...i got thrown out of glow (in dc)...i later realized that he "tore the roof out of the place," "destroyed the place" etc. etc. etc.

i have made the terrible mistake of seeing him one more time, and he was amazing! :eek: who ever can spin records and be fucked up at the same time while receiving temple massages fron club staff, clearly deserves my respect.

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