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Though this would only happen in Allston

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So I am sitting on the couch this morning eating breakfast. And all the sudden I see this little thing go running by. And I am thinking, now I know I put the ferret away last night. It was a tiny mouse and it ran behind the fridge.

Now do I let the ferret out and have a little discovery channel action, or do I just go buy the nice kind sticky paper trap

Good thing it wasn't one of the rats that are bigger than cats I see around:eek:

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Ugh, I'm cringing at the thought of the roaches outside my place. So nasty... thank you for reminding me why I'm moving far away from that place :D

I grew up in a fairly rural area. The woods basically, so the last thing I'm afraid of are bugs or little critters. But for some odd reason the idea of mice and roaches just freaks me the hell out... I'd rather have anything invading my apt. than those things.

What I saw outside my window last night I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Except teamj5.

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