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woe is me.. or something like that

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my head hurts.... i feel a little sick... man oh man... haven't been that drunk in a long time...

went to phoenix landing.. robbie hardkiss was spinning... or i should say trainwrecking... big time! the music stopped more than once... some of the tracks were fun, but man... needs to work on the skills... maybe he was just having a *really* bad night... who knows... I made it sound better with a little Cuervo... and a few too many beers... yeah, i know ... those don't mix...

ah well... when's the next partay? a little drinking always helps a hangover


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Hope you're feeling better Katie :isok:

Nothing like shooting tequila on a wednesday night, huh? Gotta love it! :D

I've been ramping-up my farewell tour of the Allston bars. I've gone to Our House and the Wonderbar more times than I'd care to mention in the past couple of weeks. Gotta take advantage of living on Comm Ave while I can :pint:

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