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Fucked up column, but some of this makes sense....

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The Hypocrisy of Jewish Supremacism

by David Duke

Broadcast Date 07/22/2002


This is David Duke. We live in an upside down, crazy

world. Now you might

say: how do I know that the world is crazy, maybe the

world is right side


and you are the crazy one. Well I might be, but let me

offer my evidence


the world's craziness, and see if your own reason does

not agree with mine.

When I say the world, I am speaking about the major

establishment, the

media, and the other instruments of power that shape

our world. And when


say craziness, I am speaking about the most amazing

hypocrisies that one



Let me give you a prime example, and it should offer

you an excellent

illustration of the power of the Jewish supremacists

who dominate the world'

s media and governmental establishments. And this very

recent example also

reveals the absolute incontrovertible hypocrisy of

these oligarchs of the

New World Order.

I want to quote to you from a news article datelined

July 8, 2002. It

appeared in numerous Jewish newspapers around the

world but in almost no

mainstream American newspapers. I will quote from the

article titled, "Bill

would bar Israeli Arabs from state lands." The text I

am using appeared


the Cleveland Jewish Times by Naomi Segal

I will quote some excerpts for you.

JERUSALEM, July 8 (JTA) -- Israel's Cabinet stirred up

a hornet's nest this

week by backing a bill that could bar Israeli Arabs

from owning homes on

state-owned land.

At Sunday's weekly Cabinet meeting, 17 ministers voted

in favor of the bill,

while two opposed and one abstained.

Cabinet minister Dan Meridor, who was one of two

ministers to vote against

the bill, called the decision a "grave error" that was



The bill was proposed by National Religious Party

legislator Haim Druckman

to circumvent a March 2000 decision by the High Court

of Justice that the

state cannot allocate land in a way that discriminates

against any Israeli


The court issued its ruling after the northern

community of Katzir refused

to permit an Israeli Arab couple to move there.

The court said the government broke the law when it

allocated state-owned

land to the Jewish Agency for Israel to build a

community that barred

Israeli Arabs from having homes there.

The bill states that the establishment of Jewish-only

communities is

contingent upon approval from the defense minister or

ministers responsible

for the law's enforcement that such a move is required

because of "security

reasons" -- or to ensure the character of a community

that is built upon

certain ideals that all its residents must share.


Now let's clearly understand just what this new

Israeli bill does. This


is backed by 17 of the 19 members of the Israeli

cabinet. Without any

equivocation, the bill demands that the Israeli

government will prevent


20 percent Israeli citizens who are Arab from buying

and owning government

land in Israel. The Israeli government, by the way,

owns 85 percent of

Israel's land. The bill provides for the complete

barring of Arab Israeli

citizens from living in Jewish settlements! To quote

the article, " . .


ensure the character of a community that is built upon

certain ideals that

all its residents must share."

This bill favored by almost all of the Israeli cabinet

is nothing more than

an enforced governmental segregation against Arabs. It

is racial Apartheid,

in fact, far more draconian than the Apartheid of

South Africa, for at least

the Blacks were given in theory the right to self-rule

in their own


Now let's remember that Israel is supported by almost

the entire American

media establishment and the government of the United

States sends billions

of dollars of aid to Israel every year, even military

equipment to enforce

their apartheid state and their brutal military

occupation of lands that


made up of 95 percent Palestinian people.

But, isn't this the same Jewish-dominated media and

government establishment

that condemned and outlawed racial segregation in

America. In fact, it is

the very same American government establishment that

forbids any

governmental racial discrimination, and even forbids

private citizens from

any kind of racial discrimination in selling their own


In actual fact Israel is far more segregated than

America ever was.

Integration has occurred in many parts of America for

years in both schools

and neighborhoods from the very beginning of our

country. In Israel,

practically every school, every settlement and even

every apartment house


rigidly segregated between Jews and non-Jews. And this

racial segregation

not only is unopposed, it is hardly even mentioned in

the mass media.

As far as South Africa was concerned, America not only

did not send it

military support; America did everything it could to

wreck and destroy the

South African economy. And the Jewish-dominated press

in America and around

the world went on a non-stop campaign against the

evils of South African


So, why has there been no media campaign against

Israel? Where is the

outrage in the press about the Israeli discrimination

and suppression of

Palestinians? Where is the demand to disinvest from

Israel? Where is the

mass movement, supported by the press, to stop

military aid to this Israeli

Apartheid regime?

Even the foundations of Israel are based on race, not

even religion. Even


state that bases its immigration on religion would be

deemed discriminatory

and against the new morality of multiculturalism. But

Israeli immigration

policy is based entirely on Jewish genetic heritage,

and these Jews need


be Jewish by religion, but only Jewish by blood,

Jewish by race, to

immigrate. The press has so brainwashed the American

people about Israel


the Jews that some listening to this broadcast might

even object to my

calling the Jews a race. Yet, they are not even aware

that prominent Jewish

leaders themselves often refer to the quote "Jewish

race." Even Palestinians

born in what is now constitutes Israel, and whose

families lived there for

thousands of years are not allowed to return. Of

course, the Israeli

government actively seeks Jews from all over the world

to immigrate to

Israel and then subsidizes their immigration, and part

of that money comes

from American tax dollars.

Imagine for a minute if America's immigration was

limited only to White

Europeans. Imagine, if the government spent billions

to seek out only Whites

from around the world to come to America, while

completely banning non-white

immigration. Do I have to paint for you the venomous

outrage on the part


the Jewish-dominated, liberal media?

Am I crazy to notice this hypocrisy? Am I the one who

is crazy, or is it the media?

Take another example. There has been huge coverage in

America recently of

the arrest of a young Black criminal near Los Angeles.

The Black criminal

violently resisted arrest, and the policeman who was

assaulted treated him

very roughly. The videotape seems to indicate that one

of the arresting

officers might even have struck him after he was

subdued. There was outrage

in our Jewish-run newspapers across America and the

world. This was all

offered as evidence of the racist nature of America.

Of course, the truth is that the incident was not

about this Black

individual's race, but about his criminality. Police

tend to be very rough

with those who violently resist arrest, White or


Now contrast the media treatment of this incident with

the official policy

of the Israeli government. The Israeli government and

military have occupied

a land of over 2 million people against their will for

over 35 years. They

have incarcerated hundreds of thousands with no

probable cause, they have

tortured tens of thousands, they have bulldozed

thousands of homes, they

have killed and maimed thousands of men, women and

children in one of the

most brutal military occupations the world has ever

seen. What is Israel's

justification for this slaughter, that the

Palestinians have resisted this

illegal and brutal military occupation? Just the

other day, an independent

cameraman journalist caught Israeli tank gunners

firing at and killing

children on their bicycles. Where is the outrage?

Only extreme power could successfully hide such

blatant hypocrisies from


world. It is a nefarious power that threatens not only

the freedom of the

Palestinian people, but of all people of the world,

not least of all the

American people.

This has been David Duke and these have been some of

my latest thoughts.

The Wise shall understand that any PATRIOT IS A


CHOSEN PEOPLE OVER THE WORLD, said Hennecke Kardel in

his book available at <www.amazon.com> (Adolf Hitler -

Found of Israel) or 1-800-5192465 (Adolf Hitler -

Founder of Israel). Read it for your sake and support

Palestinians in their drive for independence which

should be declared immediately and approved by the

United Nations!!!!!!!

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