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Taurus: Karmic Life Lessons

Those born under a warm Taurus Sun are the most sensual lovers of the Zodiac; they delight in rich foods, cuddling and lovemaking, luxurious fabrics -- anything that creates a delightful, tactile sensation. They also make wonderfully dedicated and romantic partners in love. However, along with all that sensualism tends to come a healthy dose of laziness and self-indulgence. Taurus sees no reason to deny itself anything it wants and this tendency can sometimes deepen into greed. Beneath Taurus's love of luxurious surroundings lies the mistaken belief that self-worth can be measured in terms of possessions, or lack thereof.

Taurus's main lesson in life is to learn that self-worth exists separately from what we have or own; our self-worth is an internal thing, untouchable from the outside, unbreakable by loss or misfortune. Taurus knows how to be generous, but should also learn how to let go of material possessions -- and other people. That possessive tendency can extend to lovers as well; Taurus is one of the most jealous, possessive Signs of the Zodiac. That old saying, "If you love someone, set them free," should be made into a tee-shirt just for Taureans to wear! Being quite stubborn as well (a quality of being a Fixed Sign), Taurus can really hold a grudge. And when Taurus gets angry, others won't want to get in the way; Taurus can be truly aggressive, even combative, when its passion is aroused. Like everyone, Taurus must learn that no one can control anyone's actions but their own. If a lover strays, Taurus must learn not to dwell on the pain and injustice of it all, but to move on gracefully.

Also thanks in part to that Fixed Quality, Taurus tends to fear change -- of any kind, bad or good! Those born under its influence just want to stick with the status quo and can get a real bee in their bonnets when things are different from how they think they "should" be. Some changes are positive; after all, with no change there would be only stagnancy. Change opens the door to new, wonderful things; even painful change, like moving residences or ending a relationship, often leads to great overall improvement. Furthermore, change means growth and as living beings, growth is what we do. If Taurus could simply relax into change and accept it, all would be well. The trick is to trust ourselves to handle the uncertainty of life. For steady, stable Taurus, uncertainty can be the worst thing in the world! It isn't inherently negative, however; Taurus just thinks it is.

Taurus can learn these lessons in part by taking cues from other Signs. Leo, the Sign of the Lion, possesses the courage of heart that Taurus, who possesses strength but also fear, may lack; Taureans should look to their Leo friends for lessons in turning that strength into bravery. Magnetic, charismatic Scorpio can teach stubborn Taurus about being dynamic, about turning on the charm to get what it wants rather than resorting to stubborn insistence as the road to getting things done. And Taurus can look to progressive, forward-thinking Aquarius for lessons in how to let go of personal, material possessions in favor of embracing new ideas. Aquarius can teach Taurus to value change -- even thrive on it!

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