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Some things you cant explain.....

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what do you mean weird? did she have a third boob? :confused::tongue:...i can kinda relate ~ some girls- once i see them or make eye contact i can't seem to forget, even though they don't have slammin bodies~they have an unforgetable face, or facial features (high cheek bones, passionate eyes, cute nose) is this what you mean? cuz even some girls have features that attract you~other then T and A, ya know?

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Originally posted by nycmuzik2000

Cause I'm a little bitch...:(

isn't that the worst feeling ever??? when you see someone that you were so attracted to, for whatever weird reason and then you can't get them outta your head and you didn't go up to them and the chance is lost... :(

guess that just goes to show you that you should always just take the chance and do it... there's nothing to lose and sooo much to gain... but totally easier said then done... :blown:

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