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Mike Caught In Sexy Shocker!!!

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Originally posted by teamj5

one would have to assume he didnt lieave the picture up for a reason

it's on now

I think he left it up, I just think you might need to have a Yahoo cookie to see it or something.

Seriously, I can still see the original pic just fine. (Still on this thread... I have no idea why you fools can't see it).

It's only fair that if I see the picture everyone else does :tongue:

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Irony: As soon as I post that I get a big red "X" where there was a picture 2 minutes earlier. I think my browser cached the pic so I was still able to see it... I'll take the other one off now :rolleyes:

Sorry if anyone got offended in this (that does not include you teamj5), but damn... that was a funny picture.

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