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Uwm Roster 2002 Bookings Available Now

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Unknown World Management Group is proud to present the ULTIMATE TOUR for the United States and Canada featuring a fully comprehensive line-up of our Exclusive Artist roster.



Be a part of this amazing excursion through sound and sight as our world renowned artists astonish North America one city at a time.


CALL 305.534.9980 OR EMAIL AT [email protected]


Platipus Sound System (a joint live performance) featuring:

Art of Trance: Platipus Records

The UK based label Platipus is home to one of the most highly regarded Trance acts, The Art of Trance. Headed by Simon Berry (founder & owner of Platipus records and co-founder of Union Jack), The Art of Trance is set apart by earthy and organic sounds woven into the music and has hooked some of the biggest club records. Over the years, Simon's music has been remixed by such luminaries as Ferry Corsten, Dino Lenny, "Push", Cygnus X, Capricorn, Circulation, Silvio Ecomo and Man With No Name. Now, The Art of Trance presents one of the most impressive live acts in the world of dance music as Art of Trance 'Madagascar' (remixes) hit; # 1 in the UK independent singles chart, # 1 in the UK Dance charts, and # 41 in the UK singles Chart. Check out: www.platipus.com

!!!Tour dates are: October 17th thru October 26th!!!

POB: Platipus Records

Paul Brogden has composed many of the records you hear when hard hitters such as John Digweed and Nick Warren are spinning. He's remixed tracks for Sasha, Slacker, and Digweed's label Bedrock. Renowned for his collaborations with DJ Patrick Reid, DJ Taylor, and Claudio Giussani as "Granny, Paul has also built himself a strong following for his solo work as POB, with classics such as "The Essence", "Strata" and "Boiler / Beast." POB's live performances bring about those dance floor moments drive the crowd's primal instincts in dance and euphoria. He's been known to hypnotize the minds of the dance floor submissive multitude. POB's debut album "Essence" is out now and is receiving critical reviews from the likes of Sasha and Digweed. Check out: www.platipus.com

!!!Tour dates are: October 17th thru October 26th!!!


George Acosta : Ultra Records

Redefining the world of dance music and spreading it around the world, George Acosta's eminence is more than just sky-high. As the creator of some of today's biggest dance hits, and as America's premier trance DJ, George has captured the hearts of millions at the biggest clubs and dance events throughout America and Europe. Conducting a unique ensemble, George currently holds a residency Saturday nights at Miami Beach's Level Nightclub, where he packs the house until the wee morning hours, and brings the roof down while more than 3,000 followers plead for more while the show is broadcast live nationwide on Clear Channel stations. When George comes to town, there's more to be expected than just a night out to the club, it's an event, an occasion that will put him on the very top. Book your date now for the Fall and Winter (dates are limited).

Check out: www.georgeacosta.com


Alex Gold: Xtravaganza Records

After almost 15 years of twisting into the minds of his fans in over two-dozen countries, Alex Gold brings about a Balearic essence to the music he plays. Every summer, Alex holds a residency at Privilege in Ibiza with his world-famous Xtravaganza night where sunrise sets take-over the landscape. His label, Xtravaganza Recordings has conceived over fifty-five top forty UK hits. He produces under various names, and has co-produced with Chicane and many others. On the decks, he spins an array of Deep House, Progressive House, and linear style Trance, what he describes as "contemporary, melodic, cosmopolitan dance music." Keep your eyes peeled, as he is currently producing an album, which is in its planning stage. Dates are now available for the Fall and Winter starting in October.


Cosmic Gate DJ SET : EMI

Djs and producers Claus Terhoeven (Nic Chagall) and Stefan Bossems (DJ Bossi) met in 1997 while they were working on several releases with different projects for the X-IT Label in Cologne.

At that time, they both had some success with different projects, especially in the Benelux, including Me & Mr. Jones, John B. Norman, DJ Bossi and Strings of Harmony, just to name a few. Nic's Strings of Harmony reached the Top 20 position in the Dutch sales charts; while they did several remixes for well known acts like Sash, Dario G and NBG.

In November of 1998 they met by chance in a studio and decided to do a track together without any planning, the track was called "the Drums" and it was the first hard trance record ever to reach high chart positions in Germany during May of 1999, hence Cosmic Gate was born.

They had to quit their resident Dj jobs in two of Germany's biggest clubs to have enough time specifically dedicated to complete remixes for DJ Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, Rank1 and Blank + Jones, just to name a few. As major Dj gigs and several new productions rolled on, they became one of the most booked Djs in Germany and the world.

The follow up-singles "Mental Atmosphere" and "Somewhere over the rainbow / Fire /Wire" were even more successful then "The Drums", as they reached top selling positions in Germany and the U.K. (on Ministry of Sound recordings they reached # 9 in the English top 40 charts). In Germany even their first Album was a big success as it went to the top 30 position, which was a big success for a techno-trance album!!!

After many international gigs, remixes and releases, Cosmic Gate has shown that there is another German act that is ready to enter the top of the international charts.

In early summer 2002 their new single "The Truth" and album the "No More Sleep" will be released, and is expected to be the next big triumph for the guys, as the single went straight to number 1 in the German dance charts in the first week of release, and enters the charts at pos. 31!!!!

!!!!!! Tour dates for America are extremely limited!!!!!!

Available Dates: September: 20th--21st & September: 27th--28th

November: 15th--16th


Jan Johnston: Perfecto Records

Jan Johnston is the voice behind dozens of dance floor classics such as "Calling Your Name," "Flesh" and "Silent Words." She's had tracks featured in numerous hit movies, and is currently signed to Paul Oakenfold's Perfecto Records. Having worked with some of the world's biggest dance composers like BT, Chicane, and Oakenfold among many others, Jan has proved to be more a singer-songwriter than dance diva. Jan is currently performing live worldwide, and is committed to always communicating something to her audience, she is known for pulling people's emotions. Don't miss out on the opportunity to be one of the first in the US to showcase one of the world's virtuous sirens. Jan Johnston is now accepting worldwide bookings for the Fall and Winter.


PPK- Perfecto Records: (Tour dates TBA)

Alexander Polyakov and Sergey Pimenov's early success came through the release of their first album 'Feel Insomnia' in 1998, which became an instant hit with local Russian audiences. The internet became their outlet to the world in 1999, when PPK opened their official website to release their music through MP3.com. The overwhelming response makes them the most downloaded act on the web with over two million hits worldwide. PPK provides an astounding live PA, that consistently packs dance and concert halls worldwide.


Ariel Baund:

Sumsonic Records, Rounded Records, Inversus Records

Miami's Progressive master at the decks, Ariel Baund is making a comeback this summer with productions on Ministry of Sound, BMG Telestar Europe and Sumsonic U.K. The mastermind behind Aquanauts, Ariel's name has become synonymous with intelligent, deep sounds that have become legendary in North and South America; and now in Europe where he is currently touring. He now holds a residency at Level Nightclub in Miami Beach alongside George Acosta every Saturday night. The show is being broadcast live on Clear Channel stations nationwide. Ariel is now accepting worldwide bookings for the Fall and Winter.


DJ BOSSI (Cosmic Gate): EMI

Bossi started DJing at private parties at the age of 16 and as the years went on the parties got bigger. So, the age of 19, when he was playing at a big student party with about 3000 people when a club owner heard him playing and asked him to DJ at his club. At that point his career truly started to take shape. After finishing his studies in economics in 1997, Bossi decided to make his hobby a profession and he started working on his dj and producer career more seriously. As things started to happen; he was rather successful with his productions, so he was asked to remix tracks for such well known artists as Dario G and Sash; His own solo single Bossi "Time to make the floor burn", reached high chart positions in several European countries, and from that point on, he was asked to Dj all over the European continent.

The biggest success occurred in 1999; when he met his future partner Nic Chagall, and together they created the project "COSMIC GATE". The singles "The Drums", "Exploration of Space / Melt to the Ocean" reached peak positions all over Europe. Then Cosmic Gate singles were released worldwide and their single "Fire Wire" truly propelled the way for the next generation of German Trance stars.

Book your date while you can!!! Check out: www.cosmicgate-music.de



Steve Helstrip is the 26 year-old UK based producer/DJ responsible for numerous high profile trance tunes under the guises THE THRILLSEEKERS, EN MOTION, INSIGMA and RAPID EYE. With releases on trailblazing labels including Neo, Incentive, VC and a long list of exceptional remixes under his belt, The Thrillseekers have created a real stir within the industry and international DJ fraternity with his unique trance sound.

What puts The Thrillseekers sound on a different level from so much of the "trance by-numbers" tunes banging around, is the subtle depth and texture of the compositions, combined with crystalline production values. Steve's most notable success was under the moniker "THE THRILLSEEKERS" when his track "SYNATHESIA," blew up in Ibiza and defined the trance sound that will last long into the 21st century.

Synaesthesia, originally composed and produced back in September '98 was rapturously received on DJ-only promo, and was caned by Oakenfold, Jules and Paul Van Dyk. Synaesthesia became the definitive tune of the summer on the White Island and an essential on all the big trance and club compilations of '99 including GATECRASHER WET, MINISTRY'S IBIZA ANNUAL, TRANCE NATION 2, CREAM DEPARTURES, IBIZA EUPHORIA and SLINKY amongst others.

Steve also works under the guises "RAPID EYE" with fellow producer and DJ, Tim Stark to produce a harder-edged trance sound, under the guise of "INSIGMA" with PULSER and as "EN-MOTION" on his own.

INSIGMA have been responsible for one of the most played tunes, "OPEN OUR EYES," with heavy support from Oakenfold and Tiesto which had led to the track being signed to VC with a release forthcoming in 2002.

EN-MOTION'S debut release "TRUTH" was released in 2000, on INCENTIVE and was also licensed to Trance Nation 4 which ultimately led onto numerous remix offers.

Steve has remixed under the above monikers, some of the tracks to receive to his magic include Timo Mass- Der Sheiber, Cequenza-Ciquenza, Orinoko-Island, Arimin Vs Tiesto - Eternity, Starparty- I'm In Love With You, Sonique- It Feels So Good and Chicane- Salt Water amongst numerous others.

Steve's is a seasoned International DJ after performing numerous gigs including Popkomm (Germany), Berlin Love Parade, Luners (Tokyo) and performed alongside Paul Van Dyk on Radio Einz (equivalent to The Essential Mix on Germany's Radio1.) Steve has already secured a regular slot alongside Tiesto and Ferry Costen on Ministry Of Sound Radio, and he is currently indemand for his DJ'ing skills after securing high profile gigs across the country.
























contact the office at 305.534.9980

email at [email protected]





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