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A haiku someone sent me

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um... not to be anal (although I am about haiku) but that is not even close to haiku.

It's is amusing though:D

For those interested:

A haiku is a moment in time captured; usually seasonal. Haiku's don't use poetic techniques like personification, similes, and metaphors. They are very straight forward. There is no personal attachment involved. In Japanese, pronous such as I, he, she, us, etc, are left out so the poem can maintain an air of ambiguity, making it more enjoyable for the reader. That's not to say it can't evoke emotion. It does NOT have to go by 5-7-5, like many people think, although they can. It is a good base to work off of. As long as the first and third lines are relatively short, with the middle being a bit longer.

It being a Japanese poem, the language it originated from can say a lot more through less words than the English language. Because of this, in Japanese, it is 5-7-5. And, because of the shortness of the poem, adverbs and adjectives tend to be avoided, which is why there tends to be no sense of personal attachment. If you are talking about a garden with flowers, it is fine to call it a "flower garden", but to call it a "beautiful garden" would not be in the spirit of ambiguity that is haiku.

Haiku demands the writer use body senses- touch, taste, smell, hear, and see- and not intellect, the "traps of abstraction" that is seen in Western poetry.

Haikus are simple. They usually concentrate on at the most, 3 images. Some haiku writers like to put 2 contrsted images side-by-side, thus turning the haiku itself into a metaphor.

One final note one haiku... there are no uppercase letters.

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