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Guest saleen351

My top tracks!!!!!!!!

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Guest saleen351

under world- 2 months off!!!!! insane track, radio rip is out there, go find it, the real may be out there as well. Your computer speakers can't do this track justice!!!!!! Took me 3 weeks from downloading it to hearing it in the club... Worth the wait! Its been tested and it goes off......


Oscar G - Dark beat the best song produced this calender year period! You'll hear about it soon enuff, TS is playing Centro i belive this thrusday, you'll see a posts asking for the track ID, i charted it 4 months ago.. Don't bothering looking for it, no one has it. check out my post about it...


Mauro Picotto Mamajama live set rip. This is the no no no track with the female voice that people are looking for. He used the acapella on his Live at sensation set 2 weeks ago. Awesome... Techno with vocals:eek: :eek:

basement jaxx - Get Me Off (Supergetoff).mp3

got this today after mikedny IDed it last night.. Great Great track!!! When Tom Stephan worked it, it was awesome, took me a while to remember it from the set, but the bassline is unique so is the words.. He looped the bassline for like 3 mins... Unreal!!!

tom stephan aka superchumbo

Irersistable... Sick sick track. When i get it i'll be able to dertermine if i heard 2 tracks or one last night, we couldn't figure out where one started and one stopped. So we may need another track id if it turn out there was 2 tracks from last night..

get this track, sick!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown track

Every body needs some body

male voice with a highschool marching band drums as the main melody and percussion aspect of it, If you were in Miami at 2:17 am at club space you heard it.

Waiting on the track id, i'll post it if i get one....

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