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attn: Mr Trendy Clubber 2002 aka nyisformeatheads

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This friday it's on fool


nice to see you get pumped up for ali & porter.....too bad you werent this pumped for it last november when it wasnt cool to like the residents ! Where were you then, huh punk ?

You will need someone to remind you where you are this friday, cause I will beat you so bad you wont remember anything :mad:


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Ooooooooh, it's on now boy! I was going to be a nice guy and not kick your ass on Friday, but if that's how it's gonna be, that's how it's gonna be :punch:

How's the view from that soap box jp5? You're pretty high and mighty up there! :rolleyes:

It's not as thought I started liking residents because it was trendy... I like Ali because I like his sound. I'll be honest, I never really was that into it a year or so ago. I always liked his warm-ups, but never really loved them.... they didn't grab my attention like they have recently (you have to admit, over the past 6 months Ali has been killing it compared to what how he used to play). So, as I started to get more and more into Ali's sets I was verbal about it. Aside from you me, and a couple of others, no one really talked much about it. Then we start talking him up (a lot of that was due to his Rise sets), and all of a sudden it's "trendy" to like residents. I'm not taking any blame for enjoying Ali's music, yup I wasn't all over it in November, but if I hear something that grabs my attention, I'm going to talk about it... hence, my Ali-loving all over the place.

So, me and you, in front of the DJ booth at midnight? I'll be there, waiting to wail on you. (I would have said we should fight by the back bar, but that'll just lead to us drinking Jack and Cokes all night and forgetting to throw down). :kill9:

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