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name the song?

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im brand new to this board, so the first thing that i would like to do, before i even ask my question, is say hello to all to all, and show love, and respect, and all that, all that.

a few years back, in either 1999, or 2000, a friend of mine had this cd, i thought that it was sound factory vs. exit, but i do not remember. i had a copy of it for as while and i lost it. just for the record, i want to add that i am pretty new to the "house scene". i am 27 years old, i have been out to a good share of venues, but i always prefered hip-hop over everything else, and never really cared for house. i have since had an awakening. anyway!

the cd was sound factory vs. exit (im almost certain), and the song/s in question- i have to try to describe the songs now, ok. the song i am looking for had this courus, "do you believe in me, like i believe in you"- thats all i can recall- it was a dope song- uplifting- and it came to a build-up- very techno- very moving. yeah. now the only other song that i can remember from the disk, had a chourus like this, "one more sunday morning, if this is heaven, im not afraid of hell". i have been trying for a year now to figure out the cd title, the artists, the song titles, anything. i cant find anything.

if anyone knows any information about either of these song, the origin cd, the artists names, anything, i would greatly appreciate if you could help me out and hook me up with the knowledge.

thanks either way, no it or dont know it. sorry 4 long post.


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Hey 7e,

EXIT vs. SOUNDFACTORY 6 - Hard Tracks with Vocals

1. Razor n Guido feat. Reina - Miss the Way

2. Madison Avenue - Who the Hell are You

3. Celeda - Reach Up

4. Angela Via - I Don't Care (Soul Solution Mix)

5. Lotus - Within or Without You (Soul Solution Mix)

6. Lost Witness - Happiness Happening

7. Liquid - Orlando Dawn (Space Brothers Mix)

8. Plasma feat. Berri - Do You Believe <--------Your track...

9. Sugar Babies - Forgive and Forget You (Razor n Guido mix)

10. Mikaila - So In Love With Two (Jonathan Peters Mix)

11. Samantha Mumba - Gotta Tell You (Skribble and Acid Mix)

12. KHZ - Bobby (Dark Epic Mix)

13. Tony Moran feat. Cindy Mizzelle - Shine On (Richie Santana Mix)

14. Yanni vs. Jonathan Peters - Wishing Well


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