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Ammunition - the snare, some audio, going to be AFK

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i'm going to be out of it for awhile as the laptop is being sent for repair... so i busted my ass to get 3 new tracks done beforehand, 'Ammunition - the Snare', 'Ill at ease', and 'Total Annihilation'. 3 different tracks for 3 different moods.. hope something strikes your liking... here's some links:

Ammunition the Snare


"here's a dark n heavy head nodder, with edits galore, slow to start, drops into some rough step beats... enjoy. uploaded 8.28.2002"

Ill at ease


"Follwing in the vein of 'For You' and 'Soil Mechanics', a slow driving melodic bit of tension, unease, and discomfort. enjoy the listen. uploaded 8.28.2002"

Total Annihilation


"Aptly named tune... Complete signal annihilation, destroyed harsh hard beats, frequencies, bass, and samples. Looking forward to having this one released soon. enjoy. uploaded 8.28.2002"

... or the first 3 tracks at http://www.mp3.com/edgey

...so i'll be back at it, in about a month or so, won't be out performing either, oh yeh, my birthday was on monday, so go download everything, that'll be my present ;) I'm out for now, hit me up on AIM, as I'll likely be bored without the ability to make some noise...







'intellect in rational movement tries to kill emotion, in doing so, only kills itself.'

'when you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.'

AIM: SINIBYTE | ICQ: 126370648


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