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fcukin democrates

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u all are fcukin retarts ok...... first of all we should just blow the hole mutha fcukin middle east up there a bunch of sand niggas/ camel jockeys...they dunt do anything for the world except oil big fcukin deal we can take over that shyt...... im sick and tired of u fcukin pussi asss democrates saying no we cant bomb them ok so just let them come in take america or wuteva right as long... as there still welfare and starbucks.... it dunt matter if your rich or poor if u have an fcukin knowlegde u would bomb the middle east.......... BUSH IS THE BEST PRESIDENT SO FAR IN THE PAST 10 YRS CLITON THAT FCUKIN RETART HAD NO IDEA WHAT HE WAS DOING IF HE WAS IN OFFICE STILL AMERICA WOULD PROBLEY BE CALLED SAUDI AMERICA........... THAT FCUKIN PUSSI AND WHO EVER DOESNT AGREE WUT I SAY GO

FCUK YOUR SELF :blown::finger: :finger: :finger: :finger:

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