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If not war then what?


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For everyone that says that taking military action is not the way to go about in reacting to 9/11, I ask you what is the way? Should we just let the terrorists run all over us? You think they will care if we change our policies in regards to Middle Eastern countries? Hell no....They wont stop until America is destroyed...Once we're out of the way then they'll move onto Europe which shouldnt pose too much of a problem....Lets say someone punch's you in the face....You dont hit back because you're a peaceful person...So the person hits you again seeing as you are putting up no resistance....They they keep hitting you over and over again...At some point you will have to fight back and stop this or you might get killed.....The same applies for the US and the current situation.....I honestly feel that only option is one that involves military action....We can fight back and not take any shit or risk becoming like the French.....

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