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Fisting....Yay? or Nay!


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Originally posted by jetstreamp

I think there's something broke in there if a chick can do that. Either that or she was born really loose in the wrong way.:eek:

I should think it would go without saying, but again, the vagina is designed to bring babies into this world... of course any of us should be able to fit a fist up there.

Now, why anyone would want to... is another story altogether.

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lets just say that ive seen a thing or two where a girl or ten was insanely into it...and although i do agree that its scary, disturbing and all the rest...but im always intrested in things like that...me being wierd as i am...it doesnt look sexy....but it appears to be orgasmic....at least painfully orgasmic anyhow to the one on the recieving end...and watching someone slip and hand in...then another...up....up...till the freaking elbow....its almost like watching birth backwards....having your arms wraped up inside someone ..giving them insane pleasure...cant help but be intrested...on a scientific level mind you...just curious is all...not at the least bit turned on by it....well maybe a little.


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