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i stayed in a decent place on collins, and the room was about 250 a night, clubs arent exoensive to get in, unless you go to space after about 2 (it gets more exppensive as the night goes on) i think i paid 50 bucks when i went there at like 4 for tenaglia

there were three of us, and each probably spent about 1600 for the week

but thats with 3 clubs a night and lots of cab fare

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Originally posted by mahdi

What is it?

i thought u were joking but its the WINTER MUSIC CONFERENCE held every march in miami, they did say next yr was gonna be in vegas but havnet heard . was started in 91 or 92 i forget by litte louie vega and frankie knuckles to promote dance music, make contacts and bring labels together. now everyone whos anyone in the industry goes. to bad so beach went to shit the past 2 or 3 yrs

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Nah, I'm not really into the club scene o be honest. I'm more about the women, but I think that's the one I was looking for, my man Dean is heading down next year. This actually answers some other questions I had, because I needed to get in touch with those people. Thanks.

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