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ATTN: nurse glow

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Originally posted by roninmess

did your nike ads come out yet? If so where, I wanna see them. by the way, i work for adidas:blank:


the one ad was a video projection on a building on 14th street & university place and also in brooklyn on Union Street...

Unfortunately I didnt see it I was away on vacation and then I went there in August and didnt see anything :( ...but some friends of mine saw it they said it was cool...

now as for the Print ad...I have NO freakin clue where I am...for all I know I could be one of those people on a Phone Booth in the city you know those Cartoony/Artsy Nike PRESTO Ad pictures of people jumping & Dancing... I emailed the Casting director asking him where I can see it...and I didnt get a response....blah! :blank:

Well...just keep your eye out for PRESTO Nike Ads...

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