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Getting thru ur boring dead end job


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Originally posted by danamdkny



I ddint mean for this to be a sad depressing thread where we all bitch about our jobs:(

work sucks !- so what helps make your day better:D

CP entertains me :) and AIM

i can relate bout the boss bs- grr- I gotta watch my back- and over head!

SPY in my CUBE!


Sory didn't mean to be bitchy. Just gotta vent sometimes.


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i was just about to post this exact same thread :tongue:

i start my "real" work tomorrow so i wanted to know some phat website w/ games/jokes/anything entertaining....

i used to know a shit load of places to go when i was interning a year or two ago, but i forgot them all:half:

need distractions!

- N

danamdkny -- you have a camera right over your head???? what do you do?

acutally, what's everyone's job? curious...

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