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The problem of premature ejaculation

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The problem of premature ejaculation is,

in theory, easy to solve. It often happens as a result of different situations during the development of the sexual behaviour. Usually, analysing the clinical background of the patient we discover that during the sexual awakening in the puberty, these patients felt the need to masturbate or having coitus at a fast pace, as they feared being "caught in the act" by their families, neighbours, etc...Thus, through the years sexual behaviour is related to the need to ejaculate straight

away, although it may not exist anybody who can disturb or stop the coitus. This is what psicologists call unconcious and sometimes concious encysted conduct, and it repeats itself.

The therapy consists of:

A) Increasing the stimulation point:

That is to say that more stimulation is needed in the penis to ejaculate, getting used to the touch of the skin, and creating situations with explicit sexual content. In these cases, the tissues get used to a constant stimulation allowing the patient to maintain the erection during coitus for a longer period of time.

B) A therapeutic program assisted by sexologists.

Through this program the patient eventually tries to control the ejaculation. By means of giving more importance to the pre-coital moments: kisses, caresses, avoiding to touch the sexual organs, so that the patient gets used to stimulation, relaxes himself and turns on the parasympathetic system.

Once this stage is reached more erogen zones will be added and thereafter the penis will be introduced into the vagina without coitus and ejaculation to end up having a pleasurable and long-lasting coitus.


When the person is relaxed, calm, sure and proud of himself, the body activates the parasympathetic system, that allows the vasodilation of the veins and a strong erection is the reaction to the minimal quantity of erotic stimulous. After this constant stimulation of the penis in a relaxed male, the parasympathetic system is activated and this will allow the male to reach an orgasmus followed by ejaculation, as long as an specific level of overstimulation is reached.

Alternating between relaxation and overstimulation describes the correct and normal sexual relationship.

Sometimes alternating both the parasympathetic and the sympathetic system does not give the results we want. In these situations the reason can be more physical than psycological. To make sure it is not a physical problem the patient should visit an urologist.

Should not be a physical problem one must start to wonder whether it is the anxiety, the stress or the self-demands one have that have caused the problem. Thinking that one will not meet the expectations or that one does not have sex-appeal may refrain the parasympathetic system from being activated and the penis from getting an erection.

We usually advise to our patients to avoid anxiety feelings before sexual intercourse, trying to spend more time kissing, touching each other, stimulating in order to obtain an spontaneous erection.

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