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Need Exper Advice On Purchasing A Mixer

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whats up....

I am looking into purchasing a mixer (dont know if i am going used or brand new)

but if I do go used I know of someone selling a RANE mp24 for a great price...

the person claims they had it sent back to RANE so that it can be updated (new knobs, new gold plated connectors)...

I wont be able to see the product until i purchase (it has to be sent to me)

so I was wondering what are some questions (other than the obvious ones) that I should ask him... or what are some things I should be aware of when purchasing a rane mixer...

thanks in advance...


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Rane is your best bet. If choosing another just make sure that you have an EQ for each channel.

That is a must. Eventually you will not need a crossfader and will be mixing with the EQ's.

At least that is how I mix.




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