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Supplement distributors

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sorry if this is a little off topic...

Does anyone know of any supplement wholesalers in the NY area (or who would deliver to NY anyway)? I'm opening up a supplement shop and I'm shopping around distributors, so maybe if someone knows someone with a store already maybe u can hook it up with the number/website/etc. I'm mostly interested in fat burning supplements.

Thanks guys.

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You should check with the companies 1st then check with the distributors…when I was doing that many years ago id call up all the major companies, twin-lab, EAS, Met-rx, etc etc ask then for a wholesale price list as well as minimum order, then at the same time you can ask them for a list of wholesale distributors in your area, usually they will tell you…sometimes it is worth it to buy direct and no great benefit of buying from the distributor which was the case with EAS when I used to order from them back in the day, and then sometimes the wholesalers/distributor will have cheaper prices than the actual company because they buy in such large bulk that their price is so cheap and you are better of with them.

ATF Fitness/wholesalers is one company I used to use I THINK they are in PA if I recall, but like I said call the companies direct 1st and do what I outlined above.

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