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Fresh Faces... Models...

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I do a lot of work with Gen Art and its fashion shows, and fashion week... and i thought maybe id share this one with all of y'all... check it out... if interested just drop a line to tali, shes mad cool...

Happy Fall!

Tali here to exclaim that it's time for Gen Art Fashion again. The Fresh

Faces in Fashion 2002 show is coming up and we need some good volunteers.

The 8th annual Fresh Faces in Fashion is on Wednesday, October 23rd at the

Metropolitan Pavilion with the after party at Sessa on 23rd Street. We have

8 great designers on the runway and 4 accessories designers in the


The Fresh Faces Fashion shows in great because of the dynamic outfits and

energetic atmosphere. I hope some of you would be interested in

volunteering for this fast-approaching event.

I need volunteers for several different time shifts:

A. Daytime- giftbag stuffing from 2-5:00pm

B. Preliminaries- backstage from 5:00pm till show ends. Need EXPERIENCED

dressers and handlers.

C. Showtime- 7:00pm till show ends. I need ushers,floaters and EXPERIENCED

door staff.

D. Party shifts- I need club staff and EXPERIENCED door staff

1. 8:45-10:30 pm

2. 10:15-Midnight

If this is your first opportunity to volunteer for Gen Art then here is how

it works. If you volunteer to work during the daytime or showtime you may

watch the show once it starts ( although as a backstage volunteer you will

see it only from **backstage**). If you volunteer for After Party shifts you

get to enjoy the party before/after your shift as our guest but will not be

able to see the show.

Please let me know via email which shifts you are available for and I will

slot people in on a FIRST EMAIL BASIS.

Your patience regarding my reply is appreciated since this is a large

database and a popular event to volunteer for.

Looking seeing you at this event or at the next one!




Tali Sedgwick

Volunteer Coordinator

Gen Art, NY

[email protected]

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