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Shady's official London wrapup!

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So this past week's been good. Tonight's my last night here in London. The only bad thing I can say about London is that NOTHING goes on during the week except pubs. So I'm just roaming around town with nothing really to do.

My London recap:

Friday -

Arrived around 9:00 AM to the theme song "Guess who's back, back again. Shady's back, da da da da da da etc." Checked into the hotel around 10:00, then ventured out for a bit. Found out my hotel is two blocks from Plastic Fantastic (although I didn't have a map so the first day I ended up taking the Tube to get there :rolleyes:. AND I had to transfer!). Introduced myself to the shopkeep. Told him to hook me up with some new tunes. He handed me a stack the size of a phone book.

Anyhoo, took a disco nap Fri afternoon, then headed out to Gallery at Turnmills with the sales manager at my company's reseller partner here. I thought it'd be a relatively quiet night. Until he handed me four bombs out of no where - "Two for tonight, and two for you to take with you tomorrow night", he said. I knew in England it's rude to turn down a gift, so I accepted.

Anyhoo, Nick Warren kicked ass at Gallery. Turnmills is one fucking cool venue. Looks like a circus in there. The rooms are pretty small. But the club itself is massive. The DJ after Nick Warren was dropping old skool trance. I'm guessing it was Guy Ornadel cause he was supposed to spin there that night, but I dunno. I don't know what Ornadel spins. But I kinda liked hearing the old cheesy stuff. Brought back memories. Gallery at Turnmills - what a fucking off the hook party.

Saturday -

Did nothing all day. Went to Prologue at the Cross at night. Another huge place with tiny rooms. The main room is probably no bigger than the dancefloor at 1223. Nice intimate place for P&W. The DJ's that warmed up for P&W were on the money. There were about three. The only one I knew was Paul Louth. He fucking tore shit up. I actually enjoyed his set more than Parks & Wilson. But Parks & Wilson were the shit too. But Paul Louth is my new favorite DJ.

This week, my main activities between work was a whole lot of record shopping. Virgin & HMV here actually have decent record selections. And if the shit's "Charted", they're super cheap (like £2.99 each) - I'm guessing it's cause the Brits are such music snobs that as soon as a tune hits the charts, they don't like it anymore. Dunno.

Also visited a few other little record shops scattered throughout London. Wide variety of selections. Great town for vinyl junkies.

And today, I made another trip back to Plastic Fantastic today. The dude behind the counter remembered me from last time and gave me a little discount on my purchase. When I walked in, he tells me "Got some new bits since you were in last, you want a listen?" I said sure. He handed me another stack the size of a phone book. Couple limited presses in there, and a rockin' new promo from Steve Lawler's Harlem label. Had me dancing in the store. I ended up having to buy a record bag too, cause I bought too many records throughout the week to carry back on the plane.

So, in the end -

Number of sites visited (Big Ben, Parliament, etc): 0

Number of clubs visited: 2

Number of record stores visited: 6

Number of records bought: 30 or 40

Fucking successful trip, I'd say. Although I did get a bit sick on Monday and Tuesday. Fucking Brit food sucks. :(

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Originally posted by vicman

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

although having to transfer 2 times to get to a place thats 2 blocks from where you are staying is pretty funny :laugh: :laugh:

dumb ass :D

Well, I looked up Plastic Fantastic on the internet and all they said was that they were near the Covent Garden tube station. The Tottenham Court tube station is right next to the hotel. So I hopped on it. Then had to transfer at Leicester Sq (which is the next tube station from Tottenham). Covent Garden is one station over after the transfer. On the tube map, it looks far because of the transfer.

Anyhoo, I was walking around that night with the dude from my partner company, and we ended up on the street that Plastic Fantastic is on. I go, "Oh, I was just here earlier today." He goes "yeah, your hotel is right around the corner, behind that tall building." I go, "oh, I took the tube" He laughs at me and goes "shit, man, bet you had to transfer too!" I walked it the next day, and it literally only takes 5 minutes from door to door. Took 30 minutes by train. Plus you have to walk a mile of stairs to get out of the station. :laugh:

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Originally posted by malanee

Nice one Bruva! But you know you're not a real DJ unless you can scratch...


I've got some hard west coast shit right here. Made by a gang of crackheads on death row. They're called the Itchy Trigga Finga Niggas

the what?

The Itchy Trigga Finga Niggas

Look, it's GOING to be banned!

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The milky bars are on me!!!

Oooh, I forgot to add to my last post,

Me and my girlfriend are going to London for 10 days the last week of November and I'll be pumpin' you for information on the trip, Shady!

PS - where would be a romantic place near London to propose?

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Originally posted by candeo

The milky bars are on me!!!

PS - where would be a romantic place near London to propose?

oooooo :eek: :eek:

how about in the middle of a soccer game? highbury, stamford bridge, white heart lane? :D

then when she says "yes" you can strip naked and and run into the pitch stark naked in the middle of the match. :D

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