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Deep Dish (13.08 Ibiza) tracklist is needed

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Envy ..part 1

00:00 ..Unknown

01:18 ..Groovemates 'Space Ride'

07:58 ..Mandy Moore 'Cry' (Trendroid Dub)

13:35 ..JC & SK 'Wish you were here' (MV/Envy Mix)

20:14 ..Sultan 'Primal Instinct'

29:00 ..Unknown

36:40 ..GPal 'Ocean of Blue' (Unknown remix)

43:30 ..Quentin Elias 'Always the Last'

Envy ..part 2

00:00 ..Unknown

01:52 ..Unknown

09:48 ..Boowy 'Oh My Jully' (MV/Envy mix)

17:50 ..Marscarter (Debo & Porter)

28:15 ..Hamel & Mollison 'Break the Cycle' (Unknown Mix)

35:04 ..Unknown

43:41 ..Max Graham 'Tell You' (Luke Fair Mix)

50:24 ..Unknown

Envy ..part 3

00:00 ..Micheal Jackson - THrill Her (Bootleg)

06:24 ..Unknown ..ID THISSSSSSSS

13:51 ..Krystal K 'Let's Get It Right' (Unknown Mix)

19:18 ..Unknown ..WOW three good ones right in a row

28:32 ..Envy 'Falling'

36:32 ..Rock 'Resistance' (D. Ramirez mix)

43:41 ..Unknown

50:12 ..Unknown

Sharam ..part 4

00:00 ..Elisa 'Come Speak To Me' (Deep Dish Mix)

08:00 ..Unknown

14:09 ..Unknown ..Nasty Tribal ..ID THIS

25:00 ..16th Element 'Warp' (XPress2 4AM at Fabric Mix)

33:37 ..Lighthouse Family 'Happy' (Rui Da Silva Mix)

41:55 ..Unknown ..ID THIS!!

49:30 ..Moony 'Dove' (John Creamer & Stephane K Mix)

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Originally posted by cruise

Actually, Rominess I think the track listing you put up is for the set at Space.... Yes??


hmm im not positive, but i do have the amnesia and this isnt the track list lol. sorry

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