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After Making Love... The Italian says, "When

> >I've a finished a makina da

> > love withah my wife, I go down and gently

> >tickle the back of her knees, she

> > floats 6 inches above a da bed in ecstasy. "The

> >Frenchman replies, "Zat is

> > noting, when Ah've finished making ze love with

> >ze wife, Ah kiss all ze way

> > down her body and zen Ah lick za soles of her

> >feet wiz mah tongue and she

> > floats 12 inches above ze bed in pure ecstasy.

> >"The redneck says, "That

> > ain't nothing buddy. When I've finished porkin

> >the ole lady, I git out of

> > bed, walk over to the winder and wipe my pecker

> >on the curtains. She hits

> > the freakin ceiling!"---

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