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Older Song ID w/ Audio Samples [.rm & .mp3]

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Okay folks, this song is from about 4 - 5 years old, it has a girl singing in it saying

"I can't stand you, cause you make me happy"

"I can't hold you, cause i might not let you go.."

"and i can't love you, cause my heart won't save me"

"from this violent suicide... "

i'm guessing the vocals are Bjork but i'm not sure..

pardon the quality but this is coming from a 5 year old tape of a Level 5 Sanctuary! w/ Jonathon Peters spinning.

well anway, here is a 41 second loop of the track.. anyone got any ideas, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, post it here, or im me at djdaemoncel (AOL only)

or even email me at

[email protected]

here are the links

| .mp3 | | .rm |

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