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red hot and riot

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What’s up people, this is the infamous native tongue representing for all Afro-beat and true hip-hop music. I also wanted to give my opinion on the new Red Hot + Riot Joint. Has anyone got a chance to hear it? Well, it dropped on Oct. 15th but I was fortunate enough to peep it early at http://retail.mcarecords.com/redhotriot/jukebox Anyway, when I heard it I was really impressed. Not only is it a tribute to one of the greatest musicians that has ever lived, Fela Kut, but also features a lot of the artists that I love to listen to. I have already secured 3 favorite tracks, 7, 16, & 20. So if you don’t know yall should really find out. My friend, also informed me that it was a benefit CD for Aids in Africa, so I had to cop it. The CD is currently one of the tigthtest CD’s out right now, music just doesn’t seem that original and true anymore. Fela Kuti definitely brings us back to the “real†issues. These are just my opinions and I really want to know if yall feelin the way that I am, so holla at the project and let me know. Here are some links my friend Tee sent me so you can get better acquainted with the album. http://lw11fd.law11.hotmail.msn.com/cgi-bin/getmsg?curmbox=F000000005&a=8d230fb2870148121ecade220a281dd0&msg=MSG1034794208.162&start=1843810&len=34996&mimepart=3&vscan=scan Holla back and let’s discuss.

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