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Tuaolo says he contemplated suicide

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Guest saleen351

Tuaolo says he contemplated suicide


ESPN.com news services

The New York Post reported Thursday that Esera Tuaolo, who played nine years in the NFL as a defensive lineman, will reveal he is gay in an interview to be shown Tuesday on HBO's "Real Sports." Tuaolo, who played for five NFL teams, said a major reason for his early retirement in 1999 was the difficulty and frustration that came with keeping his sexual orientation a secret.

"They didn't know who Esera Tuaolo is," he said in the interview. "What they saw was an actor."

Tuaolo, 34, said players routinely told gay jokes in the locker room.

"They made me go further and further into depression, further and further into shame," he said.

In a transcript and tape obtained by The New York Post, Tuaolo discusses the depth of his depression, saying it reached a point to where he thought about suicide.

"When I'm driving like over a 100 (mph), maybe I could just like turn that wheel, just turn that wheel so I could just end it all," Tuaolo said in the interview.

Tuaolo, a native of Hawaii, played at Oregon State before being drafted by the Green Bay Packers in 1991 (35th pick overall). He also played for the Panthers, Vikings and Jaguars, and for the Falcons for whom he played with in Super Bowl XXXIII.

The "Real Sports" segment also features ESPN's Sterling Sharpe, a former teammate of Tuaolo's with the Packers.

When Sharpe was asked what would have happened if Tuaolo came out while he was still playing in the NFL, Sharpe said: "He would have been eaten alive and he would have been hated for it."


now when is Kordell Stewart gonna come out of the closest

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What Sharpe said is too true and it's a pretty sickening testament to the way a lot of athletes think. I remember a few years ago when the editor of a gay magazine tried to out his baseball player boyfriend and people started freaking out in the locker rooms without even knowing who it was. I can't understand how it's not OK for one Packer to come out of the closet, but it's ok for another to rape the babysitter. Oh well...

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