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XM RADIO..... who has it?


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if u guys out there are looking 4 good radio i suggest XM!!!!

it's a lil device that goes in your car..... N u get 24 hour dance music NO commericals , CD quality sound & it's not just dance it's every type of music you can think of. AS of right now they have 4 dance channels that cover every form of dance music.

and u pay $10 a month .... it breaks down to 30 cents a day!

if u can afford those Expensive club clothes .... i def think u all should look in gettin XM..... i have it and it's awsome!!!! ..... i neva buy Cd's anymore!! They also bring Dj's every nyt or so like Deep Dish Picotto, Tiestio, PVD, Oakenfold, to mix live ! Sets are siccccckkks..... only bad thing is i neva wanna get outta my car

Does anyone else here have XM?

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my friend has got it....its "OK"...not sure if its worth it....sure there is continous music..and you get to choose what type of music you want to listen to...but the track selection needs to improve.....well at least on the techno station...on that station you get 10 shitty song before you here a few descent tracks...then of those descent tracks, they are the crappiest mixes I have ever heard ...usually the cheesiest of the cheese....definately has potential..and some people might even like the track selection...as for me , I'll stick to burning my $ 1 cd's....at least i can choose what to listen to....

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your problem is u need to tell XM that .... "they are doin a shitty job" because they are brand new, and they don't know wut everyone likes .... u send them n email and explain to them the deal, and they get back to you .... HEY but i think for a station thats not even on for a year there doin an amazing job

also any songs you wouls like to hear just request the song, and they will play it ,, there very good with stuff that that

don't knock it

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