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Need an advice

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i wrote an email to my ex,i didnt heard from him in such a long time so i was wondering ..it was a normal mail like friend to friend nothing more but his reply was cold i mean he wrote very straight like he spoke to me just yesterday.

he said at the end of his mail : (You can write me back what your life is about and happenings with you and around you.)

i dont know if i should reply or just act like he never wrote me back ....

i hate when i doubt what to do , i shouldnt give a shit .....

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My advice is if your ex is acting like that it could be out of pure shock that you wrote him or that he is just being a baby. If someone isnt going to respond to you in a decent way, then dont waste your time. On the other hand, if you do want to write back, I would make sure to say that you just wanted to touch base and see how things were. Dont go into details about your personal life though, I would tend to think he might take it in the wrong way by thinking that you actually give a shit what he thinks, ya know??:)

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yea u are right!!!!!!

i hate it,u cant write or talk with ur ex's because right away they think u are trying to get them again , i mean come on this happen like two years ago,time has pass and i didn't saw him since then

i hate that kind of games, i like when people just say what they have to say.

if someone write u or call u to say hi well u don't have to be rude or imagine things !!!!

im a person who likes to keep everybody close i mean im friend of must of my ex's but this guy doesn't have a clue

anyway i don't want to waist my brain and my time in this type of people !!!!

so guys do u hate this kind of behaviors? or do u also act like this when ur ex writes u or call u after LONG time just to say hi ?

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