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Y2K is 1960 all over again...


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Over the weekend i read this article about how the 1960's are showing up all over again in y2k... here are some points they pointed out...

1960 the S&P returned .5%

America dominated the worlds economy, 18yrs after 1942's market bottom, is when the longest strongest bull market began... 18yrs after 1982 was the start of the second portion of the longest strongest bull market... both saw drastically high stock valuations, 1960 and 2000 both were final terms for two term presidents...in terms of market impact IKE and Clinton were almost Identical, where would JFK be with out his father??? same place G.W. Bush would be with out his... each is and was relatively young, and inexperienced, popular with female voters, both percieved as charming, neither has been in the public eye for long, kennedy wasnt seen as bright until 1960... GW bush has yet to reach this pinnacle however... 1960 markets did better in continental europe, than US. in yrs 1959-59, 98-99 long term bonds where creamed, and both in 1960 and 2000 LT bonds rose in Price...

intresting facts...

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