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your favorite local DJ's and why - just curious

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Hey guys,

long time no post. Been observing but I haven't wanted to join in on all the bickering. I am curious though as too who your favorite locals are and why. Here is my list

1) Jon Cowan - this guy amazed me last week when he opened for Dave Seaman. To be honest, I thought he was much better than dave and dave played a damn good set. Dave and Jon also went two for two at the end and Jon didn't miss a beat. You coulnd't tell the difference. He is also the only local that from what I understand has true international expirience. I've heard he's played for big UK clubs like renaissance, slinky, cream and in just about every country around the globe. Why doesn't he play more locally? his sets are so diverse ranging from dark deep stuff, to nice vocally stuff, to banging uplifting tunes. Jon is definitely my favorite local.

2) Austin Leeds - another top local that never plays here.....why I ask? top producer who is just as good behind the decks. His sets are deep dirty and dark ala digweed. every time I've seen him he has really impressed me, I only wish he played for us more.. I am constantly reading about his sets all over the globe on the global underground board.. If he's getting international bookings why don't club owners book him in his hometown?? weird huh?

3) Oscar G - reognition is definitely due for the main man in MURK. Oscar has been one of my favorite miami guys for a number of years. His mixing ability is SICK and his track selection can be amazing. Sometimes lately though, Mr. G plays too obvious. He also occasionally even plays trancey which makes no sense too me. He used to be the deep trbally house master. I wish he would just stick too his roots. I guess you have to play a bit of cheese from time to time to stick with space though. I am just glad oscar is finally getting the respect locally that he's deservd for years..

well - I guess thats my top 3 - look forward to all of your opinions..


the herbster:laugh:

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