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I know tis been asked a million times but...

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How does everyone cook there k...

i never tried it for madddddd long then i never bought a lick for a while after that. But hey theres a first time for everrything

Anyone do the thing with the iron... if so can you just lay that down for me cuz i heard that you save alot that way.

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there are many different ways to cook k..

heres a couple.

1. let it air dry on a plate. let the K sit on a plate for a day or 2 and it will turn into crystal(do this where there is no dust or lints flying around). now take a razor a scrape that K up.

2. microwave it(u waste alot of k doing it this way but it is the fastest). put K on a plate and put another plate on top. and microwave it for 1minutes and let it cool and do it agian. keep doin it until there is no liq. left. and scrape both plates.

you could also steam it, iron it, blowdry it.. but im not famlier with those methods...

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i think this is the best method right here...i've done the iron and shit but that's just a pain in the ass...

-get a pot

-fill the pot with some water (u dont need much)

-bring it to a boil

-get a plate that fits perfectly over the pot

-pour the liq on the plate

-place the plate on the pot once the water's boiling

-get a spoon and spiral the K over the plate so it coats it evenly

-continue to spiral the K and watch it cook (about 5 mins)

-once its cooked put the plate in the fridge for about 5 mins

-get a razor blade and scrape off the plate (MY FAV PART!!! :laugh: )

-proceed to inhale heaping mounds of K off the edge of the blade

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