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club kids needed!

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Heya Boston! My name's Eric and I'm a LA raver who needs some Boston help. I work for an MTV show and we need some "club kids" for an event we are doing in the Boston area. By "club kids" the producers mean the tall shoes, the wild makeup, the cool costumes...

You also must be prepared to wrestle.

If anyone can get me into contact with some local talent, I would be forever in your debt. This will be a fun and crazy event.

Now, I don't want to exploit my people or anything... but consider the fact that you will have national exposure for your self expression. And you WILL have a great time!

Thanks so much!


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Hey eric...

I havent really seen any 'club kids' here....before i moved here...i hung out with Rockie Raccoon, Boom Boom, and all them out in LA...

You know them!?!

I just talked to rockie last night actually...

but sorry to say...good luck findin some Kids out here that can compare...


But dont get me wrong..i am not doggin...

peace out


ps...email me..

[email protected]

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Buy "Club-kids" What do u mean?

The poser's world wide? Who want attention?

or the old school NYC crew,

i have connections to some old big names that are working it in NYC, london, IBIZA,

Cybercunt,James st james, astro earl

kenny kenny, kiT kat> Cybercunt,

and so on,

amanda lapore, BeBe, Me,

if thats who your looking for

E-mail me

[email protected] Aol.com


"This MuTha Fucka!! comes up to me!!! , and pulls out his D---,And gets all up in My shit, and has the mutha fukn nerve to ask "Am i hurting you" i was like "Mutha fucka, you are tickaling me, get your fat,crust,skanky,wanna be down"Fat ass off me............and pay me my 20 bucks!>> Sweet Pussy Pauline(NYC)

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