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Tracklist for latest Mixed Sets, email for transfer

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Set List (email [email protected] for transfer)

Official JoelBnyc House Beats - October 2002 Set List

1. Filter - The Best Things (Johnny vicious Mix) (Joel B edit)

2. Pound System - Never Come Down (Dark Alley Remix)

3. Sander K - Dusk Till Dawn (Lexington Avenue Mix)

4. Against The Grain - Seven (Hard Dub)

5. Hard Attack - Do You Want It

6. Steve Lawler - Adante (Scumfrog Mix)

7. Filterheadz - The One Who Got Caught (Original Mix)

8. Papua New Guinea 2001 (Satoshi Tomiie Main Path Mix)

9. Sasha and Digweed - Dark and Long

10. Work it to the Bone 2002 (Tribal Tarrante Mix)

11. Fierce Ruling Diva - You Gotta Believe (Junior Vasquez's Mix)

Joel B - Catharsis Beats - November 2002

1. Joel B - You Know Something (Joel's 2 Minute Intro Edit)

2. Echomen - Truth

3. Eva Luna - Tell Me Lies (Sylver Mix)

4. Digby & Oliver - Human (Main Mix)

5. Digital Mind Control - Mindstate

6. eNVy - Falling (High Vocal Pass)

7. Rivera & Trattner - We Become One

8. Digby & Oliver - Seven Stones (Original Mix)

9. James Helden - Nothing (93 Returning Mix)

10. Paris & Sharp - Aphrodite

11. Mart - You Think You're Jesus (Weekend World Remix)

12. 5 Below 0 - ClubQuake (Oliver Klein Hard Remix)

13. Rick Pier O'Neil - We Come From

14. Joel B - You Know Something (Joel's 2 Minute Intro Edit)

jB Happy Halloween

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