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Hot Party in Fitchburg on Sat.14, thousands will be there,ALL ARE WELCOME!

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For those of you who like goin to parties, just to let you know Keoki,Deiselboy,Micro, Dara,Cirrus and like 20 other DJ's will be at the Wallace Civic Center/Planetarium on Sat. oct.14. It starts at around 11 and will go till 6 or 7 the next morning and yes there will be many afterparties.Tix are $35 in advance and may be sold at the door while supplies last. This place holds 3000 people and from what I heard about past parties there, you don't want to miss this one.


for more info www.coumnsofknowledge.com


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i think i have been turned off from going to raves for a while. the last one i went to was in fitchburg, same place. The lineup was phat - micro, bbb, frankie bones...

but i just cant get comfortable with thousands of little kids consuming enormous amounts of narcotics and puking all over the place and just generally getting me out of my good mood. i dont know, maybe i am getting too old for them? i am only 23, i guess i am just strictly a clubber. i love the whole "do whatever the fuk you want" attitude at raves but i think people just abuse it and i find clubs just more comfortable. I went to whistle 3 a while back and i heard 5 people died there. and 2 were murdered or some shit! Yeah, thats where i wanna die, on the nasty dirty floor of a giant convention center during a rave. There's gotta be a better way.

sorry if im bringin you guys down

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