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The mind recoils

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Sitting there on one of the several patent leather couches surrounded by all the night club inhabitants.Pounding house music started invading my peaceful detachment from the outside world.I look around and see the drag queens go to there spots and prepare to dance all night.There outlandsish style and attitudes lost on most of the inhabitants here tonight.I look around and analyze the dress and attitudes of the people here,what I come up with here tonight is that most of these people are probably in school living off there parents credit cards."Hey wanna take some E tonight?" "Yeah definitly I dont have to bring dads care home till 4 tommorow".

I just smirk...the smirk stays,I think the pills are kicking in.I put on my yellow shades which everyone seems to wear and stand up.Or at least try to,the pills have definitly kicked in because my balance is all

screwed.I give myself a minute to get used to my new legs then start making the rounds.As Im walking my mind starts to dialate,the pounding bass goes through me like a ripple in space. cwm30.gif Yeah Im loving it she called me a hypocrite but I cant help it.This was my second time,everyone seems amazed that Ive never taken E before last week because of everything else Ive done.What can I say,never had the opportunity I guess.But now I love it

Im sort of scared though from all the stuff Ive heard about this ,it can fuck you up.Oh well all my friends SEEM normal,and Im just having fun.

I look around,how can these people just stand

still there on the side just watching.Im fidgety even when Im not on anything.I accidently bump into someone,he grabs my shirt and gives me a little shove,and a dirty look.Fucking meathead I dont think he knew I have nipple rings or that he came close just now to ripping one out,whatever.I make my way onto the dancefloor and stand there for a few minutes to get into the right mindset.I wonder if my heads been bobbing all night because i just noticed it now.So I start to dance,taking measured breaths I learned through my teachings so I dont get tired to quick,I dont think I can on this stuff anyway.This is great,I cant believe I waited till now to try this stuff.Everyones brushing against me,one girl walks by me and runs her fingers down the back of my neck.This sends the most violent ecstatic shudder down my spine,I just smile and wink.What was I thinking,how cheesy was that?Oh well I need some waterSo I make my way off the dance floor......

(I know this is way too long,I'll see what everyone thinks before I keep going)

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i likes.

i prefer to call it "the junk"

There is nothing like it in the world. I still havent decided whether i believe everyone has the potential to act the way they do without it. I dont know if people are fake or it is just a release from the defensive mechanisms people use everyday to show they are invulnerable. It definitely strips away any fear and every time is "the best time ever!"

any way you cut it up (or swallow or plug it), "the junk" is always a memorable experience.

yeah, im not sure if i understand my post either...


"Keep on charging the enemy so long as there is life."

-ancient Chinese fortune cookie

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...And head towards the little corner bar,to get that bottle of water Im starting to need a little more now.i feel a drop of sweat run down the side of my face,I dont care.Stepping forward now the female bartender ask's what do I need"WATER" please dont tell me I just sounded like that.Feel like a crackhead begging for money,she just smile's cutely and hands me one."$3.50" I hand her a 5 and make my way to the bathroom.Water never tasted so good,I can feel every drop sliding down my throat,cooling off my body for the moment.As I step into the bathroom I notice a guy standing at the corner of the sink with a dufflebag open"Whatcha got there?"I ask."Jolley Ranchers,gum,blowpops."He looks at me and smiles,"You look like you definitly need some,give me a couple bucks and I'll give you a handful of jolly ranchers"I just notice now how much my jaw was clenched cwm4.gif So I pass him 3 bucks and he hands them to me."Thanks,and have fun"I nod and thank him back.So I relieve myself and wash my hands.I must have been there a while because the dude next to me was staring like I had 12 heads.I quickly dry off and walk back towards the floor.

I pop one of the jolly ranchers in my mouth,GOD this tastes good,definitly what I needed.So I start dancing again,I dont really notice anyone around by now Im so fuct and loving it.What were these called again,Double stack zoro's?Once again all the brushing against me and such..Now time must go by differently when your on this stuff because when the music came off it only felt like I was there for an hour.This sucks Im still rollin my ass off.Oh well,maybe next week I'll come back....definitly next week..

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