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The Evil Post !


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Originally posted by bobross

This is my 666th post!

anyone who will open this thread will DIE.... in seven days....

after seeing a ring........

or a penis........


I saw rings and Phallic representations at this art show i went to this past weekend for Carrol Dunham in SoHo :eek:

Dag, i guess im up the river on this one :worry2:

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Originally posted by danamdkny

:cool: CARROL dunham :cool:

do we get a review?


OK. I think him and Bob Ross go way back ;)

His artwork, from what i hear, attempts to assemble order from chaos. There is lots of spikey-germ thingies in his paintings, and many of them show a businessmen weilding weapons (but in a cartoonish way). Some even use 3-D styrofoam balls to add to the "tumorous-yet-fun and bubbly" sensations...

His artwork inherently deals with threats to somehting, like tumors, schfinker's and hammer's. and he uses penis' for his subjects' eyes :laugh: Yet he displays these scary images in such a way that seems fun and innocent. Very thought provoking...

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