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Rioting Canuck style. . .

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I thought this was pretty funny, not merely b/c of the hokey new GnR thingy, but because of the accompanying pic, at the bottom. .

Fans riot after Guns N'Roses no-show

canada.com & Global BC

Friday, November 08, 2002

Vancouver police had to break up a riot Thursday night by angry rock fans after the last-minute cancellation of a Guns N' Roses concert.

Thousands of rock fans flew into rage at GM Place last night after the no-show by lead singer Axl Rose. They smashed windows and doors, threw down barricades and tossed rocks at police.

Dog teams were called in and police used clubs and pepper spray to clear the rioters from the streets. Several arrests were made but no one was seriously hurt. The concert was to have been the first North American show of the band's world tour.

A Guns N' Roses spokesman says poor weather made it impossible for the lead singer's plane to fly into Vancouver.

The band rehearsed Wednesday at GM Place without Axl Rose.

Promoters say ticket refunds will be available next Thursday.


Vancouver fans riot following cancellation of Guns N' Roses concert

That's Rioting?!? Damn those rowdy Canadians. . :laugh:

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Good lord... hasn't this happened w/ GnR & Canada before? I think there was a riot after Axl stopped in the middle of a show and walked off stage a while back ??? Yeah, I watch my Behind the Music :rock:

Have any of you seen Axl Rose (whose name by the way is an anagram for oral sex... little bit of trivia for you) lately?? He's HUGE. I saw them on some award show recently and I pointed to the tv and said to my roommate "That guy ate Axl Rose!" tee hee....

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