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Hold me close,

Keep me near,

Can you take away the frightening

can you take away my fear?

I wonder what will happen,

I wonder of our fate,

I wonder if things will change

if you and I decide to mate?

Will you look differently at me,

Will I look differently at you,

Will our relationship change

with the addition of something new?

Will this bring us closer,

Will this pull us apart,

Will this conflict a friendship

with matters of the heart?

I know you want to do it,

You know I want it too,

But we both worry of the repercussions

if we do what we want to do?

Will the pleasure of the moment,

The ecstasy of the night,

Be just as good in the morning

and bind our friendship more tight?

Or will the intimate act,

Make our friendship weird,

And from that day forward

make each other hated and feared?

Is the risk really worth it,

Is the reward so grand,

That you can see the chances for trouble

and forget them on the other hand?

I hope I can have the wisdom,

To make the right decision,

I do not want our friendship

to end in a division.

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