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I got this in an email thought maybe id share...

Foot Notes

In the beginning, there was the traditional men's dress shoe.

It wasn't very stylish.

Then along came business casual, and the shoe industry tried to

revamp men's shoes into stylish commodities.

But while selection may have improved, some gents have yet to

discover that clunky wing tips and narrow tassels are, well,

ugly. So we went hunting for the perfect footwear for the

aspiring stylish bloke.

Prada may be the Nike of dress shoes, but Tod's loafers make

boys-who-shop drool. Why the hysteria? The rubber-soled wonders

work with even the fanciest of suits. (Tod's, 650 Madison Avenue,

at 60th Street, 212-644-5945.)

Continuing with the insanely comfortable, we like Barneys New

York leather loafers and Banana Republic square-toe dress loafers,

both of which look good with everything -- pants to jeans.

(Barneys New York, 660 Madison Avenue, between 60th and 61st

Streets, 212-826-8900. Banana Republic has locations all over

the city, or find them online at


Prefer laces, Mr. Three-Piece? Sure, you could go with the

tried-and-true Italians (Ferragamo and Gucci), but why not go

French. Heschung's leather is just as excellent but doesn't

shout out fashion victim. Functional. Timeless. (Available at

Barneys New York, 660 Madison Avenue, between 60th and 61st

Streets, 212-826-8900. See styles online at

http://www.heschung.com, and find sale prices at


What to wear with jeans? Hogan makes the gosh darn hottest

suede and distressed-leather boots. (Available at Hogan, 134

Spring Street, between Wooster and Greene Streets,


And when the day is done, every good man deserves a stiff

drink, a dog to bring him the paper, and the sassiest

pair of slippers around. (Available at


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