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Roxy is definitley a lot of fun. Women dress sexy as hell and the place is a blast. Fair warning though, the line starts really early and if you're late you probably won't get in. This might sound early but you might want to be in line by 10:30, the line is already down the block and pretty full by 11:00. I haven't been there for a six months or so but that place has always been popular, good crowd, decent dance space, and just fun. I don't live there anymore but I've got a lot of friends in the city and they say that place is still hot.

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"The world is a better place because of those who refuse to believe they can't



I go places,I interact...

(What places?)

Certain, clubs. Like, Paradise. It's not bad.

It's just that feeling when you can take your shirt off and really dance. When the music owns you. Do you understand?

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