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Swingin on a Star 2 - NYE - Milwaukee, WI


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New Years Eve 2002 At The Rave in Milwaukee

Tribal Brothers and MTP Present:

Swingin on a Star 2

The Midwests Premier Nightlife Gala Celebration

18+ to enter 21+ to drink

This celebration starts at 9 P.M.

and goes until 5 A.M. WITH FULL BAR SERVICE !!!!

(no bar time in Milwaukee on New Years!)

Multiple bars will be set up around the venue for

your convenience.

Get ready to experience the Midwest’s finest Night

Clubbing event this New Years with 6 THEME ROOMS of

entertainment including:

The Grand Ballroom – A multi-level silver palace

of state of the art lights, lasers, sound and décor.

The Under Water Room – Journey into the abyss &

dance among the fish (without getting wet).

The Live Music Arena – A 1000+ person room to

enjoy the Midwest’s favorite bands.

The Dungeon – Explore you’re your dark side in a

torture chamber with a twist

The Club – A night club with all the fix’ins

The Lounge – A place to escape with smooth grooves

and a stiff drink


representing more than 20 promotion companies

throughout the Midwest and beyond.

Plus… DIY systems from the Tree House Collective

representing Chicago, and a collaboration of Studio

Gangstas, Neologic, Unison Records and Hitmen DJ

team representing the Wisconsin North Woods.

Music from multiple genres including Electronic (all

styles represented), Hip Hop and R&B, Turntabilsm,

Rock and Roll, and Jam Bands.

All the frills and craziness you’ve come to know and

expect from Tribal Brothers and MTP !!!

Come celebrate with us as we embrace and enter the

10th year of Tribal Brothers providing quality shows

with top notch talent and surprises around every

corner. Rest assured that we have every intention

of continuing to maintain and exceed this reputation in

the years to come.

Tribal Brothers 1993-2003 (and beyond), THANK YOU!


From Beastie Boys, DJ Hurricane – Hip Hop, New York

Dave Trance – Trance, New York

Dj Speedy – techno & trance, Las Vegas

Robert Armani – Techno, Chicago

Phantom 45 – Drum and Bass, Chicago

Jack Trash – House, Minneapolis

Miss Hollie – Breaks and house, Chicago- and D-On Milwaukee funk, break beat - 2by 4 set

DJ 3D – Jungle, Chicago

House Fukaz featuring

I.P.X., Big daddy Bud, and Funky B

MrMcStinkyFingers (Seattle WA) vs Denot5 (Louisville, KT) 2x4 battle Techno

Rick H – House, Grand Rapids MI

LMNts – house, Indianapolis

DJ Strerch – Hip Hop, R&B and Club, Milwaukee

DJ Speed – Hip Hop and Club, Milwaukee

DJ Meech of ooh-wee entertainment – Hip Hop and Club, Milwaukee

DJ Earwax – Hip Hop and Club, Milwaukee

Nu-Styles and Aztec – Turntablism / Hip Hop,Milwaukee

Elliot – House and disco, Milwaukee

DJ Simple – House/Turntablism, Minneapolis

Dj Jevne-progressive tribal tech-house, Minneapolis

Kid K vs. Kamikaze – Breakbeat, Indianapolis, IN

Syon – House, Indianapolis, IN

Dave J vs D’angelo House – 2 by 4 set Madison Tetra – Trance, Greenbay

Adeptus – Trance, Madison

Jesse Collins – Jungle, Madison

Mr. S – House, Madison

Dj Lono – Funk, disco and hip-hop - madison

Demetri Nocturnal – Trance, Kenosha

I.P.X. - Filtered House - Chicago - TreeHouse Collective

Liquid G-Zus – Hardcore, Chicago - TreeHouse Collective

Livewire – techno, Chicago - TreeHouse Collective

Kid Ikarus – Jungle, Chicago - TreeHouse Collective

Citch Mantrell – Hardhouse, Hustisford WI

Glasa – House, Rockford

Mike Hawk – House, breaks, Rockford

Mike McCorrison – Breaks, Green Bay

DJ Catalyst – Trance, Milwaukee

R. Haus Jungle – Janesville

DJ Catalyst - Trance, Milwaukee

DJ Fader – house, Prentice

Matt E – Trance, Stevens Point

DJ Serby – House, Stevens Point

Franklin – House/hip hop/ Turntablism,

Mateo – house, Green Bay

Lance Steel – techno/house, Sheboygan

dUb-L vs. MIKE E FRESH – jungle, NE Wisconsin

Performing Live

Fresh Water Collins(pending) – Jam Band, Milwaukee

Superstars of Love – Techno/Funk, St. Louis MO

Switch Focus – Break beat – Phoenix AZ

Infantry Rockers(pending) – reggae, Madison

Angelus – House, Milwaukee

Scenario Bros. – Techno, Milwaukee

Devinere – R&B, MC, Hip Hop, Milwaukee

Mississippi Cactus – Jam Band, Milwaukee

YCs –MC, Hip Hop, Milwaukee

Wheelie Bar – Rock, Racine

Villard Street Brothers –MC, Hip Hop, Milwaukee

Unbound Fate – Rock, Kenosha

Bands to be sponsored by Guitar Center.

143 S. Skokie Valley Rd., Highland Park, IL 847-579-1830

Free giveaways through out the night CDs, clothing,

gear, and lots more.

18+ to enter 21+ to drink (must have ID to enter)

This celebration starts at 9 P.M.

and goes until 5 A.M. WITH FULL BAR SERVICE !!!!

(no bar time in Milwaukee on New Years!)

Multiple bars will be set up around the venue for

your convenience.

All questions/comments/requests can be e-mailed to

tribalbrothers@hotmail.com or Adam_Peace@yahoo.com

Due to last year’s installment of Swingin’ on a Star

having sold out, this year we’ve acquired a bigger,

better, fully equipped and staffed, multi-level

facility. Presale tickets will be located across

the Midwest for $30 starting Dec. 1 at the following


The Rave: 2410 W Wisconsin Ave. Milwaukee WI 414-342-0300

Untitled: 2705 N Clark St., Chicago IL 773-404-0650

Guitar Center: 143 S. Skokie Valley Rd., Highland Park, IL 847-579-1830

Audio Depot: 702 E Johnson St. Madison WI 888-251-2002

Trim Records: 212 W. Goram St. Madison ;608-250-4680

Appleton Imports 602 W College Ave. Appleton WI 920-749-9229

Unison Records 1136 W Mason St. Green Bay, WI 920-429-2793

Let It Be Records 1001 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN 612.305.1198

Vital Vinyl 3 W 15th St. Minneapolis, MN 612-874-8892

The Groove Shop 230 Arnold Ave., Rockford, IL 815-229-7375

Evolving Records (Indianapolis) 625 Main St., Beach grove, IN, 317-786-6325

Info lines

MTP 715-758-8790

The Rave 414-342-0300

TreeHouse Collective 312.409.2626

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