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poseurs / malleable ppl...


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i made a thread about this a while back, however i still feel the same, and im irritated at ppl who fit into this category... you know who they are, and if youre reading and you dont know who they are youre one of them... you know the ppl who are like one night talking with a group of ppl who think X is really cool... (x being a song, a product, a person, anything of topic really) and then the next night, theyre with a different group of ppl and the popular consensus is that X is wack then that person finds themselves disliking X when clearly the night before was a different belief... or these ppl that try to fit in no matter where they go, and never are themselves... and they wind up trying so hard that they dont ever fit in anywhere, and just look like losers... grrrrrrr~!

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I've seen people like this, and i'll admit, i've even been like this when i was younger...

It's one thing to try and fit in with different groups of people by changing your appearance/style, but a WHOLE other thing when it comes to changing your beliefs/values just to fit in.

I think what dg's getting at are the "actors" in the crowd... people who haven't really gotten "down and dirty", but act like it. Somehting like that........ :what:

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