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Live House Music Band/group performing wed night

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This event is located in New Brunswick New Jersey

it takes about 1 hr to get to if your interested in going-go to mapquest for directions its really easy to get to

Live House Music Band/group performing wed night

Live House Music Performance G.L.O.

Ground Level Organization-Vinyl Residents (summer 2001)

This is a live house music performance!!!!!!

they bring 15 thousand dollors worth of electronic equipment---a flute player---sometimes a violin player and a vocalist and a bongo player--a set of turntables and they fuck shit up.

One of the guys works for FRANK 151--small manhatten urb mag

They are about to blow up---on the brink of being signed--

They have a ten track album completed and its dope as helll!!!!

New Brunswick has a home for House Music and Hip hop

Every week -wednesday night at "The Court Tavern" 124 Church St

21 with id---come in piece--and dance your ass off--

If you were interested in checking us out-NOV 27 would be the day

You can get an idea of just how dope the scene is there and what we are about.

The party is non profit---If I make more money I use it to get better Djs---I have lost at least 4 grand out of pocket since last april just paying Djs on slow night but I just want people to get a taste of NYC in NBC.Dont miss this dope off the hook performance--youll be impressed!

No dress code---but howyou dress is who youll impress.Depends on what you are lookinf for! the Girlies are usually dressed to kill!

This event is located in New Brunswick New Jersey This event takes place weekly in New Brunswick New Jersey

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