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Doubt anyone caught the Colt's/Bronco's game last night, (on at 10 due to time change) but it was pretty high energy. Started unexpectedly snowing there, (Denver) towards the end of the game, and Bronco's made the field goal from the 50 yard line making them win the game!! Dunno much about either team, but it was a great game.

Pats kicked ass yesterday right from the start! Viking's 13 or 14th straught loss?! Keep it up!

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fucking Broncos are sucking ass at home, i cant believe it grrrrr......:mad: :mad: :mad:

but the Bucs won :D

loved how warren sapp leveled that offensive lineman from the packers on an interception return. BUcsa have the best record in the league woo-hoo!!!!!!!:rock:

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